Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Year 5 Animation

Year 5 finished their space animations today.  Their task was to create an animation which was based on their Science topic of 'Space'.  Over the past few weeks they have had to learn their away around new software (I Can Animate), use the external web-cams and understand what stop-motion animation is.  Then they had to try to make the movements smooth, and think about where to place the camera so it was still.  We played the final animations in class today and some of them are below. Next time we will look more carefully at lighting as well as improve other areas.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Oxtall Meadow with Year 4

Year 4 recently went on a trip to Oxtall Meadow, to look for different habitats that creatures would live in.  The children had a great time, with pond-dipping being a particular favourite!  Here are some pictures from their day.

Languages Club

Our languages club is in full flow this Summer Term and we have chosen to learn some Spanish words.  We have 5 new members and are learning some new songs and some food words too!  We began the term by learning colours and we have played board games in Spanish, counting our dice rolls and singing La cucaracha when we got a six! We also saw the names for Mister Men characters in Spanish.  Yesterday, we had a Spanish picnic, tasting Spanish chorizo and olives.

Mrs Varndell

Animation in Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been learning about 'stop motion animation' and had their first attempts of creating a (very!) short clip.  Their feedback to other groups, so far, is

  • You need to do tiny movements for each 'shot'
  • It takes a long time!

Here are some of them.  Don't blink else you'll miss it!

Mrs Davis

Year 4 Brass Lessons

Year 4 have been learning to play various brass instruments.  Here are some pictures from one of their lessons.  They are very much looking forward to performing for their parents later in the term!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Digital leaders, LogIT explorer

Today, all the Digital Leaders have been experimenting with a new piece of equipment called LogIT explorer. It measures light, speed, temperature and sound levels. The LogIT explorer is very expensive and has to be treated with care. They will also be going into classes so the pupils can learn to measure light and temperature in their science lessons. The LogIT comes with a temperature probe and computer cable and can connect to the computers. We have five of them.  This is a picture of a graph we made while we were experimenting (the blue line is measuring the sound!) and also a picture of the data logger itself.

Year 5 Digital Leaders

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Safety Week

At school this week we have had lots of visitors helping us to learn more about being safe.  Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue (GaFRs) have worked with the children on being safe around water and four PCSOs have been in to talk about internet safety, anti-social behaviour and 'people who are safe'.  Tuesday was actually Safer Internet day itself and the children have particularly looked at potential risks of social networking.

We have also looked at the use of smoke alarms and planning a safe route out of their house.  Many year groups have also talked about how to be safe at the swimming pool.  Here are some pictures below: